Connecting Fashion and Art to the World of Contemporary Rugs

Most people see rugs through a one-dimensional lens; a vessel to combat noise in apartments (required in many apartment buildings) and to add warmth to a bare floor. Yes, these facts are indeed true and important, however, rugs can be the most captivating and most interesting element in a living space. So before you start yelling at us for being rug obsessed and that this is all subjective, which of course it is, hear us out on this one and you might just see the power of the rug.

Lafayette Iris Flatweave Rug

(Lafayette Iris Flatweave Rug Vs. Fatima Lopes Dress)

Rugs, much like fashion, require a material (e.g., wool, silk) a certain construction (e.g., hand-made, machine-made) and a specific design and color combination (e.g., geometric with warm nudes, abstract floral with bold pops of color). The main and obvious difference between the two is that one you dress yourself in, and the other you dress your floor with. Both rugs and fashion express a certain depth of creativity resulting in an array of options for every style and personality.

Euphoric Spheres Flatweave Rug

(Graphic Art by Sabina Ungeheuer Vs. Euphoric Spheres Flatweave Rug)

Rugs, much like art, can be statement pieces or fade into the background with a beautiful simplicity. Either way, both serve a purpose and are important in shaping a space to fit your personal style. An interesting point to make is that art, which has visceral capabilities, is something that you view from a distance, something you admire from afar. Rugs, although perhaps not as emotionally stimulating, are stimulating in a different artistic way as well as having the ability to connect physically. You walk on rugs with your bare feet or lay on them by a fire. It’s that physical connection as well as the artistic connection that makes rugs truly fascinating.

It may seem to you that rugs aren’t as exciting as art or fashion, but the similarities that they share goes to show that rugs simply haven’t gotten much love, which is exactly what we plan on changing.