Care Instructions

Cleaning and Care Instructions for Your GRIT&ground Rug

Congratulations on the purchase of your new beautiful area rug! A hand knotted/woven rug must be properly cared for to ensure longevity. Please follow our instructions for proper rug care.

Understanding Your Rug


In order to ship your rug, we have to fold it, roll it then pack it. There might be slight creases in the rug once laid out flat; these should go away in about a week or two. Reverse rolling the rug overnight will help get the creases out as well.


Most hand knotted rugs do shed. Shedding will subside overtime depending on the traffic and wear. It takes around 20 vacuums to diminish shedding.

Loose Fibers

Loose fibers are quite normal during the break-in process. What you do if this occurs is take a scissor and snip it to the length of the rest of the rug. Please do not pull it out!

Fading & Wear

When a rug is exposed to direct sunlight, the coloration tends to fade over time so it is extremely important to rotate the rug every 6 months to ensure a balance of color and wear.

Note: It is extremely important to have a rug pad to place underneath your rug. The pad holds the rug in place preventing slippage and movement. The pad also adds additional cushioning.



The optimal vacuum to use is a canister vacuum without a beater bar as this is the most effective and gentle way to clean your rug. However, we know not everyone has a canister vacuum so here are some alternatives:

  1. Use the handheld attachment to vacuum your rug as the beater bar on the vacuum could pull out fibers.
  2. If you don’t have a handheld attachment, see if you can turn off the beater bar.
  3. If the beater bar cannot be turned off, turn the vacuum on the highest speed and carefully place the vacuum on the rug.
  4. If the rug has loops or is made from silk refrain from using a vacuum with a beater bar completely, as this will completely damage the rug, canister or hand held attachment only.
  5. If the rug has a finished edge, do not run the vacuum over continuously as it will loosen the fibers.
  6. If the rug has fringes, please only use the hand held part of the vacuum to clean them.
Stain Removal

If you spill something on your rug, take care of it immediately! Spills that sit for a longer period of time are much more difficult to remove. Gently pat the spill with a clean washcloth as opposed to rubbing it to absorb liquid. Once liquid is soaked up, combine cold water and a gentle soap (avoid excess water, just dampen it) and use a sponge to remove the rest of the stain (gently!) Use clean water to remove any excess soap and then take a dry towel or paper towel to pat the stain dry or use a hairdryer on cool. With our art silk rugs, stains are much harder to remove and will most likely need professional cleaning as the fibers are much more absorbent. So no red wine in a room with an art silk rug!

Professional cleaning

If a stain does not come out, we suggest hiring a professional rug cleaner to inspect your rug.