GRIT&ground was formed by two passionate rug lovers looking to make their mark in the home furnishings industry. The company was created for the purpose of filling the gap between the trade and retail spaces and, therefore, appeal to both the consumer and the designer. The goal was to create rugs with a unique look and feel, similar in quality to what's being sold exclusively to the trade, but offer them at competitive retail prices. Tired of seeing the same old looking rugs in the retail space, GRIT&ground has made its primary goal to provide you with fresh contemporary rugs that fit your unique style without compromising on quality.

Rugs are a crucial element in making a space come together. Whether it’s through color, texture or design, a room is not complete without an area rug. There are so many design creations and textural combinations that are available and it truly allows for a person to connect with it, not only from a visual standpoint but also from a physical one. It looks beautiful, but also feels beautiful. We think of rugs as functional art and just another way to express oneself. Your floor is naked and needs to be dressed up with beautiful contemporary rugs that represent your unique style.

Our Team

Dorian Miroddi

Like any proper New York woman, a love of fashion is in Dorian Miroddi’s DNA. Innately curious, creative and driven, Dorian found herself drawn to the world of textiles following her graduation from Baruch College, where she became marketing director for a rug company exclusive to the trade in New York City. Serving as marketing director, Dorian was able to fuse her fashion-oriented instincts with the stubbornly traditional carpet and textile industry, uncovering previously unexplored notions linking the ways in which we dress ourselves and “dress” our homes. In 2016, Dorian harnessed these insights to launch GRIT&ground, a rug company designed for the 21st Century consumer--a consumer passionate about our most personal measure of self-expression: The home.

Dorian is currently the COO and co-founder of GRIT&ground.

Sabina Ungeheuer

GRIT&ground's Creative Director Sabina Ungeheuer is an accomplished painter and designer who, by combining her fine arts background and natural sense of color, texture, and materiality, is creating floorcoverings for the next generation of design enthusiasts. From the careful dyeing of fibers to the exacting details of production, Sabina is a master of her craft. Exquisite and sensitive, abstract and geometric, each of Sabina’s designs at GRIT&ground is informed and influenced by her career as a painter and decade of experience in the textile industry. As with many artists, Sabina’s passion for her work keeps her constantly enmeshed in the creation of GRIT&ground rugs, but her globe-spanning relationships with sought-after resources and producers set her apart.

Sabina is currently the Creative Director and co-founder of GRIT&ground.