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GRIT&ground’s contemporary rugs are an eclectic collection of funky yet refined works of art. All rugs are hand knotted or hand woven, allowing for our intricate designs to seamlessly translate within the fibers, giving them a more organic look and feel. Each rug has a unique and luxurious texture due to the modern weaving styles and fiber content chosen for each rug. These contemporary rugs are easily incorporated into a space while still making a statement.



Our pillows are a curated collection designed to pair seamlessly with our collection of rugs. Our goal was to not be “matchy, matchy” but to have pillows that compliment our rugs and are similar in feeling. Any rug in our contemporary collection can be made into a pillow. The pillows are all hand-woven and are a perfect decorative element to add to your space.



GRIT&ground was formed by two passionate rug lovers looking to make their mark in the home furnishings industry. The company was created for the purpose of filling the gap between the trade and retail spaces and, therefore, appeal to both the consumer and the designer. The goal was to create rugs with a unique look and feel, similar in quality to what's being sold exclusively to the trade, but offer them at competitive retail prices. Tired of seeing the same old looking rugs in the retail space, GRIT&ground has made its primary goal to provide you with fresh contemporary rugs that fit your unique style without compromising on quality.



Most people have only seen rugs through a one-dimensional lens, basically a vessel to combat noise in apartments (required in many apartment buildings) and to add warmth to a bare floor. Yes, these facts are indeed true and important, however, rugs are truly the most captivating and most interesting element in a living space. So before you start yelling at us for being rug obsessed and that this is all subjective, which of course it is, hear us out on this one and you might just see the power of the rug.